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We provide a comprehensive collection of scientific policy documents, allowing you to access valuable knowledge with ease. At Repod, our goal is to accumulate interdisciplinary scientific information on socially and politically significant topics and make it accessible. We provide initial quality assurance of all documents in the collectio

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Scientific policy and social advice has become increasingly important in recent years, but access to policy papers, expert opinions, recommendations and other documents from scientific policy advice is often difficult. Until now, there has been no centralised collection and research channel for scientific policy advice documents.

REPOD was created to facilitate access to scientific advice documents. Our platform was developed with scientific expertise and with the involvement of users and producers of advisory documents. It offers a structured collection of documents from different organisations.

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  • Institutions: Here you will find documents from expert committees, universities and research institutions and more.
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Quality assurance


At Repod, we place high value on quality and transparency. All relevant information on the reliability of the expertise is provided in the repository. We provide information on the method, funding sources and scientific references as well as on the type and status of scientific quality assurance. We provide the opportunity to compare results from different authors on one topic.

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